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About Us

We are taking the privilege to introduce our company,AG Hi-Tech Limited is a a diversified private company engaged mainly in the engineering and manufacturing field particularly environmental protection industry to take root in Bangladesh and to effectively reduce the cost of environmental control, the principal activities undertaken by Ministry of Environment and Forests consist of protection of environment , in the frame work of legislations directed by the United Nations Environment Programmed (UNEP), encourage to from the AG HI-Tech Limited in 2010 is for achieving high quality of line for the benefit of present and future generation sales and service operations, AG HI-Tech has been established with the aim of consolidating its inherent competitive advantage worldwide through the research and innovative development of a wide production program coupled with enhanced flexibility. thanks to proMinent’s experience in the fluid dosing area and through the research of materials and manufacturing, the best agency solutions with a complete assistance in training ,start-up advice and support services by qualified personal with years of experience.
ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH Germany. ProMinent is worldwide (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific) they have 59 Subsidiaries and 116 Agency to ensure global presence and services towards the valued customers.
AG Hi-Tech Limited has more than 10 years experience in handling sales and service of handling ProMinent’s products in Bangladesh. The ProMinent products are reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling. Based on ProMinent’s innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions, we would be able to provide you customized solutions for your requirements of Chemical Feed, Water Treatment Solution and Waste Water Treatment Solution.

Please find below the major product ranges of ProMinent:

  1. ProMinent Metering pump Motor and Solenoid Driving (High Flow-Low Pressurized and High Presser-Low Flow) / Chemical Transfer Magnetic Drive Pump / Chemical Dosing AODD (Air Operation Double Diaphragm pump) / Oil & Gas field Chemical Dosing Pump. TheProMinent Pumps are several in all application of Industrial, Textile / Food & Beverage/Soft-Drink/Scrubber/Water Treatment/Waste Water Treatment.
  2. Online Measurement and Control Technology for pH / Conductivity / ORP-Redox / Ozone / Chlorine / Chlorite / Bromine / Turbidity / DO – Oxygen / Temp / Standard Signal, and also hand-help test kit meter.
  3. Water Oxidation and Disinfection with Germany Technology of Ozone Generator / Chlorine Di-oxide Generator / Ultra Violet (UV) / Electrolytic Salt Chlorine Generator for Food and Beverage, Mineral Drinking Water, Legionella Control, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Textile-Dyeing, Water treatment and Waste water treatment.
  4. The Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment Technology Reverse Osmosis / None-Power and Operator Automatic Gravity Filtration / Hand RO for Un-Necessary Electric / Urban / Rural Area.
  5. Complete Turn Key projects on Industrial and/or Municipal Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment Compact Unit* (*depended capacity).
  6. Swimming Pool Technology with EU/Germany Standard of Individual Equipment or in complete solution.

We the AG Hi-Tech Limited also maintain a big stock of ProMinent products with wide ranges of various capacity of ProMinentmetering pump / Dulcometer ProMinent Online Measurement and Control and other accessories for catering urgent requirements.
For un-stock requirements, we would be able to import the items within shortest possible time basing on the stock availability at the end of ProMinent.
For more information, you may kindly visit the website or you may let us know your convenient date and time so that our representative can meet, discuss and help you to outline optimum solution for your requirements.