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Complete Product Range – more than “just” Metering Pumps

You know ProMinent as a manufacturer of solenoid driven metering pumps? In fact, this is our origin and we are world market leader in this product area. However, in the last 50 years of our company history we have enlarged our product range for our customers substantially. Why? Because we know that You as our customer do not only expect a product but also a solution to your problem – rightfully so.

Product and Service Range in the CFH Area

It was and still is our aim to offer solutions for entire process steps to our customers. One of these processes is Chemical Fluid Handling. That is the process chain that a liquid chemical has to pass at a customer’s site. Starting with storage, then transfer of the liquid chemical to the dosing point, dosing by means of a dosing pump and the appropriate measuring, control and sensor equipment, up to the point where the chemical leaves the customer’s site in the waste water.

The Products and Services necessary for that task are offered by Prominent from one hand:

Chemical storage tanks:

  • Standardized or customer-specific, up to 25 m3, of course in conformity with the German WHG (Federal Water Act, DE)
  • Chemical Transfer Pumps (barrel and feed pumps) Metering Pumps
  • We offer the widest range available world wide, from a few milliliters per hour up to 40.000 liters per hour flow rate
  • Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology : Presently complete measuring stations for thirteen different parameters.
  • Complete Dosing Systems: Standardized, application-specific of tailor-made for your application.
  • Polymer Preparation Stations .

We also would be pleased to design a complete solution for your application using these components, from chemical storage up to waste water neutralization, tuned and aligned in the optimal way. For instance, via internal connection by means of CANopen-Bus and external connection by means of PROFIBUS®-DP.

Your advantages:

– Just one single supplier and contact partner
– No interface problems between the individual components
– No own mounting work necessary. On demand, the entire system will be pre-mounted ready for operation or installed and commissioned by our engineers at your site.

Product and Service Range in the Water Treatment Area:

However, even this is not sufficient in some cases. Therefore we offer entire water treatment solutions to customers from specific industries.

In addition to the product portfolio listed above we are able to utilize a spectrum of all major technologies and products that find application in water treatment:

  • Chlorine Dioxide Generating Systems
  • Chlorine Electrolysis Systems UV-Systems
  • Ozone Generating Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Therefore we are able to offer complete solutions for water treatment, that you will not be able to find from one hand anywhere else on the market.

Your advantages:

– Just one single supplier and therefore no interface problems (technically and commercially)
– No mounting and installation work
– Technically and commercially ideal solutions, as all technologies are available.