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Automatic Chlorine Gas

Metering System DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 12 g/h – 15 kg/h

The chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq type PM 3610 C for automatically controlled metering of chlorine gas. Its simple operation offers safety and precision in accordance with the current state of technology and in line with DIN standards.

Maximum safety and precision in chlorine gas metering.

The automatic chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq type PM 3610 C is fitted in the vacuum system between the vacuum controller and injector. The chlorine gas flow is automatically adjusted. A stepper motor controls an ultra-precise V-nozzle, enabling a linear control characteristic over a wide range. Control is by means of external control, such as analogue signals, 0/2 – 10 V, Modbus or by manually setting on the device’s keypad. Opening and operating statuses are signalled externally by analogue and digital outputs and by LEDs on the device. In the event of power failure, the valve closes automatically, although mechanical manual operation is possible. The flow of chlorine gas is displayed on a long-scale flow meter and is held constant by the integrated differential pressure regulator even with fluctuating pressure conditions.

Manometers display both the injector vacuum as well as the operating vacuum.

The entire system is ready-wired and mounted on a PVC panel and protected by an appropriate cover.

Field of application

  • Potable water
  • Swimming pool
  • Waste water
  • Cooling water