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Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Not just sealed, hermetically sealed!

Hermetically sealed metering units and resistant materials allow ProMinent diaphragm process metering pumps to convey aggressive media with ease. But that’s not all. Maintenance-free and fault-free operation also depends on the quality of the diaphragm, which is why ProMinent always ensures that its products are equipped with extremely durable diaphragms.

Tried-and-tested combination

A strong diaphragm, sealed metering units and resistant materials make a very useful combination in oil/gas production (onshore/offshore), refineries, and the chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food production industries. In the process industry, ProMinent special metering pumps are used.

Practical benefits

The micrometre adjustment dial for the stroke length allows the operator to make precise adjustments and achieve high reproducibility. Operation remains reliable even during fluctuations in mains voltage thanks to compensation. Different control types make easy process integration possible. The dosing head is self-bleeding, which also makes it suitable for gaseous media.

Keep moving

ProMinent always holds a wide range of pump accessories in stock. Our principle is that ProMinent pumps are extendable, flexibly adaptable and modular in design. The pump should fit your requirements, not the other way round.