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Peristaltic Metering Pumps

What they do

Peristaltic metering pumps are used in a capacity range of between 10 ml/h and 30 l/h. They pump against a pressure of up to 7 bar. The incredible durability and wide-range of chemical compatibility of the high-performance tubes used by ProMinent, offer suitability to a vast range of chemicals and liquids.

How they work

The tube is compressed between the Liquid End Housing, the rollers and roller drive. The rotary movement of the rotor moves the disconnected point in the desired pumping direction and the medium is pumped. Once the roller has pressed the medium through the hose in the dosing head, the hose is relieved again. The hose lines up again, produces negative pressure and fresh medium is pumped into the hose.

The feed rate can be increased in a linear fashion by increasing the rotor speed.

Where they are used

  • Waste water treatment: Metering high-viscosity media / polymer solutions
  • Potable water treatment: Metering disinfectants
  • Foodstuffs industry: shear-sensitive media, aromas, additives
  • Paper industry: Metering additives
  • Cooling circuits: Metering corrosion inhibitors and biocides
  • Plastics production: Metering additives
  • General: Chemical metering up to 30 l/h

What is unique about them

Our DULCO flex peristaltic metering pumps ideally combine the benefits of peristaltic pumps and metering pumps. They therefore support batch or proportional flow dosing, for example. Depending on the medium, they meter with a precision of up to ±1 %. They can be networked with our fluid management platform using DULCOnneX, making remote maintenance possible. They are just as reliable as our other metering pumps, are self-priming and can handle gaseous media with ease. Thanks to the ingenious hose replacement processes, this task is completed in no time and requires very little material.