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Industry Solutions

Talk to experts who understand exactly what you need. AG HiTech (ProMinent’s) industry insiders have solid engineering expertise, years of experience and enjoy solving tricky problems. Working in close collaboration alongside the customer, we deliver practical results. We provide a genuine competitive edge: The application expertise of our engineers makes possible short delivery times, reliable service and quick solutions.

Beverage Industry
Metering and disinfection for the beverage industry Disinfection processes are essential for smooth, hygienic operations. AG HiTech (ProMinent )offers solutions suitable for the entire production and bottling section. And the good news is that
this investment pays off in no time.
Chemical Industry
Precision with fluids in the chemical industry AG HiTech (ProMinent )metering systems guarantee precision in chemical process engineering. They reliably meter even the most difficult of fluids, thus increasing the quality of your products.
Chemical Vendors
AG HiTech (ProMinent) and the chemicals industry: a good combination With metering equipment from AG HiTech (ProMinent) we can take your chemicals to the next level and make them more high-performance, more environmentally-friendly and safer. And this is something that everyone can benefit from.
Safe handling of liquid chemicals
Safety is our main priority! ProMinent components ensure that dangerous substances are handled safely. Smoothly. Reliably. And intelligently
Energy Generation
Powerful components for power plants AG HiTech ( ProMinent) solutions simplify everything: even complex power plant systems are optimally organised through a combination of our pumps and metering systems.

Food industry
Metering and disinfection in the food industry
Perfect hygiene and precise metering are indispensable in food production. To achieve this, ProMinent supplies appropriate and reliable measurement, control and metering technology as well as various water disinfection systems.

Robust transport and metering solutions for mining
Our applications are not sensitive to chemicals, dust or heat and also work smoothly underground. Chemicals are always metered correctly and the process runs reliably.