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The use of metering technology and water treatment solutions may vary considerably depending on the industry and application. Rely on the experience and know-how of our experts to find the best and most efficient solution for you. We carefully analyse your requirements, offer individual advice and select the right AG HiTech (ProMinent) products, with one aim in mind: reliability, efficiency and satisfied customers.

(Pre-)Oxidation of Potable Water
(Sand) Filtration for Potable Water
(Pre-)oxidation binds harmful substances in potable water (Pre-)oxidation improves water quality by eliminating many harmful substances and improving appearance, odour and taste. No one wants to drink brown water. Filtration removes solids from the water. Unwanted particles and turbidity are removed from the water by sand or membrane filtration. An even more effective process is to filter using upstream flocculation or precipitation. Added substances allow smaller particles to become larger, so dissolved substances can flocculate.
Biocide Metering in the Paper and Pulp Industry
Addition of Additives in the Paper and Pulp Industry
No clumps formed in the production of paper. Perfectly metered liquid biocides prevent the formation of slime and therefore the dreaded and expensive formation of clumps in paper machines. So operations can continue unaffected. Lighter, smoother, more solid? The right addition is key Not all paper is the same. Accurately metered additives reliably give the paper certain properties, such as making it whiter or smoother or indeed both. ProMinent is fully flexible.