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New Products

DULCO®flex DFDa Peristaltic Pump :

DULCO®flex DFD for very large feed rates up to 15,000 l/h, 5 – 15 bar
The perfect hose pump for large feed rates and high pressures.

DULCODOS® Pool DSPa PRC with 2 compact controllers

For adjusting the pH-value and disinfection DULCODOS® Pool was developed for the conditioning of swimming pool water in public and private pools.

Automatic Chlorine Gas Metering System DULCO®Vaq

The chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq type PM 3610 C for automatically controlled metering of chlorine gas. Its simple operation offers safety and precision in accordance with the current state of technology and in line with DIN standards.

Controller SlimFLEX 5a

The cooling tower regulator SlimFLEX 5 continuously measures and controls conductivity and controls biocide metering, keeps pipework and heat exchangers clean and prevents legionella

DULCOnneX gateway