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Peristaltic Pumps DULCO®flex for Applications in Industries and Laboratories

Peristaltic Pumps manufactured by ProMinent are characterised by their simple functional principle and their compact, robust design. They are self-priming, without gaskets and valves.

The peristaltic pumps of the DULCO®flex series for low, medium and high outputs with a large output range of 17 to 25,000 l/h and a large number of different hose materials are suitable for almost all metering and delivery tasks in industry and laboratories. While the peristaltic pumps for low pressures up to 8 bar are equipped with roller technology, pressing shoes are used for higher pressures up to 15 bar.

Because of their design, the hose is the only wearing part of the peristaltic pumps which, however, can be quickly and easily replaced.


  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Matching hose materials for different chemicals
  • Easy and quick hose replacement
  • Can run dry
  • Self-priming
  • Capacity from 17 to 25,000 l/h
  • Pressure range from 2 to 15 bar
  • Ideal for delivery of pasty, viscous, abrasive, and outgassing media

Drive options

  • Drive without speed control
  • Drive with manually adjustable speed
  • Drive for frequency converter operation
  • No drive
Peristaltic Pumps for higher capacity range
Hose pumps of the DULCO®flex DFAa series

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFAa is designed as low-pressure pump and suitable for use in laboratories as well as OEM applications. It can be used for precise metering of small quantities up to 84 l/h at 2 bar.

Hose pumps of the DULCO®flex DFBa series

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFBa is designed for small and medium flow rates up to 375 l/h at 8 bar. With rollers and fabric-reinforced hoses, it is suitable for use in tough industrial applications.


Hose pumps of the DULCO®flex DFCa series

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFCa is equipped with rollers and fabric-reinforced hoses. The DFCa is suitable for tough industrial applications and flow rates up to 12,000 l/h at 8 bar backpressure. A ball-bearing rotor ensures a high level of smoothness and long life.


Hose pumps of the DULCO®flex DFDa series

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFDa is designed for largest flow rates and high pressures. It is equipped with pressing shoes and fabric-reinforced hoses.

Peristalic Pumps for lower capacity range
Peristaltic Pump DULCO®flex DF2a

The best solutions are simple: The peristaltic pump DULCO®flex is a functional and inexpensive solution for a low-noise dosing of chemicals.


Perestaltic Pump DULCO®flex DF3a

The DULCO®flex DF3a peristaltic pump has been specifically developed for dosing fragrances in wellness facilities. This pump can be used wherever it is necessary to deliver fragrances in small quantities.


DULCO®flex DF4a Peristaltic Pump for Flocculant Metering

The DULCO®flex DF4a peristaltic pump has been specifically developed for flocculant metering applications. It is used wherever flocculants needs to be added constantly and accurately to treated water. Typical applications include swimming pools and whirlpools.

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