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pH value Control

Online pH value measurement and pH value control are by far one of the most important tasks in process analytics. For this task ProMinent offers everything from pH electrodes up to plug+play neutralization plants.

pH value indicates the acid or alkaline effects of a medium as negative decadic logarithm of the H + concentration and thus
determines crucially its chemical - and thereby its physical and biological - characteristics as well. Therefore , online pH value measurement and pH value control are one of the most important tasks in process analytics. Numerous applications in Water Treatment and in Production are spread over all branches. Here, great attention is paid to the neutralization (adjustment of pH value to pH 7) of acid or alkaline waters. This is especially true of effluent water treatment.

Efficient process guidance with synchronically high process safety requires precise, reliable and realtime pH value measurement and pH value control. ProMinent comes up to this standard with a wide range of components for tailor-made, safe solutions:

  • Various pH value measurement and pH value control devices for simple decentral solutions up to central solutions with integration in Profibus or CAN Bus.
  • Numerous pH electrodes for the optimization of the precision/ reaction time and lifetime of the process medium to be measured.
  • Fittings for the installation of the pH electrodes in bypass lines, tanks, channels and pipelines adjusted to the process environment.
  • Numerous dosing pumps with capacity classes from laboratory scale up to large chemical processes, a large range of materials for medium compatibility, varying from simple editions up to electro-digital series with dosing monitoring and connection to Profibus. Herefore, a comprehensive accessory range is available for the entire dosing technology range.
  • Tanks for the storage and intermediate storage of chemicals in different materials and sizes up to 20m³, also available with certification according to the German Federal Water Act.
  • Numerous dosing pumps for transfering the media between the tanks.

High availability of the function has first priority when developing each single component. The aims are long lifetimes and minimal maintenance efforts.

Competent Support and Pre-/After Sales-Service, all from one single supplier
Decades of experience make possible either the conception of the pH value control or the entire Project. In each case the following conditions are taken into consideration:

  • Operation of the pH value control, either in charges or in the flow
  • Selection and design of the pH value Measuring /Control technology, pH electrodes and dosing technology and tanks for acids and brines with regard to flow rate and consistence of the process medium.
  • Installation, commissioning and servicing of the plants.

Cost-effective and Safe Standard Solutions for simple Applications
ProMinent offers completely standardized measuring and dosing systems proven for years for frequently encountered applications. These compact plug+play modules are premounted, ready for operation and made of optimally coordinated components.

Process Overview pH Control
Process Overview pH Control

The pH value is one of the most important chemical values. Determination and control of pH is standard in many industrial applications, in water treatment and in quality control of liquids.

Product Overview pH Control
Standard Dosing Systems

Standard dosing systems can be used for multiple dosing tasks. The pre-mounted systems contain optimally adjusted components that grand smooth operation.

DULCODOS® custom
Customized Dosing Systems

Customized dosing systems DULCODOS® custom are individually designed, constructed and supplied according to customer preferences. Also according to ATEX (explosion proof). You as our customer do not have any installation efforts. On demand, we even commission the plants on the spot.

DULCODOS® application

Special applications require dosing systems that are especially designed to the respective process. Long lasting experience in the construction and operation of custom-designed dosing systems have contributed to a permanent improvement of DULCODOS® application dosing systems.

DULCOTEST® pH Electrodes

PH Electrodes of our DULCOTEST® series offer a large range of pH electrodes for the solution of your pH value measuring problem.

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