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New ProMinent Products
DULCO®flex DFDa Peristaltic Pump

DULCO®flex DFD for very large feed rates up to 15,000 l/h, 5 – 15 bar
The perfect hose pump for large feed rates and high pressures.

DULCODOS® Pool DSPa PRC with 2 compact controllers

For adjusting the pH-value and disinfection
DULCODOS® Pool was developed for the conditioning of swimming pool water in public and private pools.


State of the art: The newly developed sensors with CAN open bus for chlorite and chlorine dioxide measurement offer the option of storing sensor data.

DULCOMETER® Compact Controller

The new measuring and control device DULCOMETER® Compact for pH, ORP and chlorine is supplied with the standard functions for the basic applications in water treatment.


DULCOMARIN® II is a multi-parameter, multi-channel measuring and control system for drinking and swimming pool water treatment.

DULCOMETER® Controller diaLog DACa

The new one or two-channel controller platform diaLog DACa was specially developed for the continuous measurement and control of parameters needed in liquid analysis.

Motor-driven diaphragm metering pump Sigma/ 1

Capacity range: 17 – 120 l/h, 12 – 4 bar
The smallest motor-driven diaphragm metering pump of the Sigma product range for continuous metering and for outside use, it is available in various versions.

Motor-driven diaphragm metering pump Sigma/ 2

Capacity range: 48 – 350 l/h, 16 – 4 bar
The middle Sigma pump with patented multi-layer safety diaphragm is used for the medium capacity ranges.

Motor-driven diaphragm metering pump Sigma/ 3

Capacity range: 145 – 1,030 l/h, 12 – 4 bar
The high performance Sigma metering pump is also ideally suited to the capacity range of 1,000 l/h and above and as such completes the Sigma range.

Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Hydro

capacity range: 3 - 1400 l/h; 100 - 7 bar The hydraulic diaphragm process metering pump is available in several versions and is suitable for a multiplicity of applications.

UV systems Dulcodes A

The new Dulcodes A UV system is suitable for the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water and raw water.

UV systems Dulcodes D

Dulcodes D thin-layer systems guarantee a safe disinfection of low-transmission media.

UV systems Dulcodes K

Because of their corrosion resistance Dulcodes K systems are ideally suited to salt containing water.

ProCal – Calcium hypochlorite preparation and metering system

ProCal is used for simple and economic disinfection of swimming pool water in accordance with DIN/EN 19643-1. It is very simple to operate and ideally suited for small to medium sized pool systems.

Ozone system OZONFILT® OZMa

Output range 70 – 735 g ozone/h
The compact ozone generation systems of the OZONFILT® OZMa product series are characterised by maximum reliability and minimum operating costs.

Electrolysis system Dulco®Lyse for the production of ECA water

Dulco®Lyse compact electrolysis systems are used for the efficient production of ECA water with an exceptionally low chloride content. Low chloride means maximum protection against corrosion and maximum economy.

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