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Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are used wherever fluids must be dosed into a medium with a highest possible grade of accuracy with a defined volume and within a defined time period. ProMinent has worked in this business for more than 40 years in a leading position. Offering the worldwide largest range of metering pumps, ProMinent comes up optimally to your special requirements.


Metering Pumps (oscillating positive displacement pumps) suck in a defined fluid volume with the back-stroke of the displacer and press it into the dosing line with the pressure stroke. The metering capacity can be regulated by adjusting the stroke volume and the dosing strokes per time unit. Thus, a constantly exact dosing dosing is achieved remaining constant even at varying counter-pressures.

  • Micro Processor Technology
  • Two-Year-Guarantee for Reliable Technology
  • Large Product Range

    The series offered comprise electronically operated solenoid driven dosing pumps up to electronically operated motor dosing pumps as well as pneumatically operated dosing pumps. The capacity range starts at some few ml e.g. for laboratories and goes up to 40 000 l/h for the use in process industries. There are different technologies to feed the dosing medium. According to the feeding-technology used, metering pumps can be categorized as follows:

    - Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps
    - Hydraulically actuated metering pumps
    - Plunger metering pumps
    - Peristaltic pumps

    Another way of categorizing metering pumps is according to the pump drive:

    - Solenoid-driven metering pumps
    - Motor-driven metering pumps
    - Air operated metering pumps


Selection Guide for Metering Pumps
The Selection Guide for Metering Pumps supports you in pre-selecting the right pump type for your application in four steps:

Identify the required feed rate for your application in liters per hour [l/h]
Identify the back pressure of your application [bar]
In the graph select the pump type which is closest to the intersection of those two values
Click on the pump name

Large Product Range of Metering Pumps
Solenoid metering pumps

The output range of our solenoid metering pumps ranges from 0.74 to 75 l/h with a back pressure of 16 - 20 bar. Our metering pumps fulfil their metering tasks reliably, even under the harshest operating conditions. Maintenance and repair costs are thereby extremely low. Thanks to the broad range of materials offered, these metering pumps are suitable for practically all liquid chemicals.

Motor Driven Metering Pumps

Metering pumps with mechanically linked diaphragms are almost universally applicable in the low pressure range. They offer a favourable cost/performance ratio at minimum service effort.

Process Metering Pumps

Process metering pumps are used in all applications where corrosive, toxic and flammable liquids are metered under very high pressures and extreme temperatures. They are e.g. used in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, refineries as well as oil and gas production or as special metering pumps in the process industry.

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