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The Ideal Solution for Your Industry

Every industry has its own peculiarities. This is especially true when it comes to water treatment or chemical fluid handling processes. We at ProMinent recognize this and have adapted our products and services accordingly.

Some process steps hardly differ among the industries, e.g. the adjustment of a predefined pH value in wastewater. However, there are also processes that are highly individual for specific industries, e.g. the disinfection of returnable bottles in a bottle washing machine for the beverage industry or the washing and disinfection of fresh vegetables in the food industry. And even there, vegetable treatment is not always the same. Spinach has to be treated in a different way than cabbage – as a matter of course. At ProMinent, we are fully aware of these differences.

This deep and comprehensive industry knowledge is of great value. Our Food & Beverage Department e.g. consists not only of specialists for dosing, chlorine dioxide and UV, ozone and membrane filtration systems. There are also, for only one example, real master brewers who brew their own beer in their leisure time. These (and other) experts and enthusiasts have a deep understanding of the daily business of our customers in the beverage and food industries – in every regard.

Your advantage: As industry insiders, we understand your requirements completely. Our long lasting experience with projects and customers from your own industry are applied to the solution of your problems and special needs.

However, ProMinent cannot have a team of specialists for each and every industry either. Therefore we have two main business areas with different focuses:

  • Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) and
  • Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH)

The business area, Water Treatment Solutions, concentrates on the following industries:

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Swimming Pools

For these industries we have extensive, industry specific know-how and offer complete system solutions for water treatment, for both- plant constructors (OEM) and operators.

The business area, Chemical Fluid Handling, serves a multitude of other industries, such as

  • Chemical Industry
  • Municipal Waste Water Disposal
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Electroplating Industry
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • etc.

ProMinent offers complete solutions for chemical fluid handling. Here we cover the entire process chain: storage, transfer, measuring/control, dosing and neutralizing.

Business Areas CFH and WTS
CFH: System Solutions for Chemical Fluid Handling

In the ProMinent business area, Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH), we offer substantially more than -just- individual components of dosing technology. Our solutions cover the entire process chain that a liquid chemical has to pass at a customer’s site: storage – transfer to the dosing point - dosing - neutralization.

WTS: Process Solutions for Water Treatment

ProMinent's business area, Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) concentrates on the Beverages, Food, Drinking Water Supply and the Swimming Pool Industries. For these industries we have extensive industry specific know-how. We offer: Complete system solutions for water treatment.


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