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Guaranteed water quality for hotels & resorts

In many regions of the world, the availability and cleanness of water is anything but granted. And this is an asset a hotel can score with concerning its guests. As a provider of complete solutions, ProMaqua is a much asked for partner for the internal water supply for hotels and resorts worldwide.

For ProMaqua, comprehensive competence means: Perfect interaction of expert know-how and technology in all aspects of water treatment. This broad one-stop service portfolio made us one of the first addresses for water hygiene worldwide. Today we are at home in more than 100 countries. This means for you: Short ways, consistently high quality, less interfaces, only one contact for your staff, optimised costs. We of course, comply with all statutory general provisions as e.g. the WHO and the German Drinking Water Standards. Globally and locally, we are tuned to your wavelength!

Hotels and Resorts Process Overview

Water treatment for hotels from planning to commissioning. Cost reduction from A to Z

The ProMaqua experts offer comprehensive solution competence across the entire process chain of water treatment. This ensures that all products and systems can be perfectly matched to each other and your individual customer need – safely, economically, and reliably!

Hotels and Resorts Applications

Added value for main water supply and pipe protection

Be it public drinking water supply or in-house water treatment using existing sources such as wells, seawater or surface water – you always get superior water quality with ProMaqua!


Complete solutions for legionella control

With ProMaqua, hotels have one problem less to deal with: Legionella! With effective disinfection, water networks are freed from hazardous pathogens and kept germ-free lastingly.


Better quality for water used in kitchen for laundry, boilers and aircon

Showering and bathing are an exciting experience with ProMaqua – catering, laundry and air conditioning become more efficient with ProMaqua!


Sophisticated technology for water treatment in pools, spa and wellness areas

ProMaqua offers customer-specific complete solutions for the optimal treatment of pool water. From small internal pools through whirlpool and sauna to generous wellness and pool environments.


Perfect result for waste water treatment and reuse

Professional process design made by ProMaqua ensures a more efficient water supply by reuse. For ecology-minded guests, saving of resources increasingly becomes a criterion for choosing specific hotels.

Hotels and Resorts Product Overview

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDKc

Capacity range: 170 to 7.500 g/h
This plant produces chlorine dioxide for large water quantities. The continuous water treatment is particularly economic thanks to the use of concentrated chemicals.


Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDVc

Capacity range: 20 to 2.000 g/h
The ideal system for medium to large water quantities. The continuous treatment is safe and simple thanks to the use of diluted chemicals.


Chemical-free disinfection – UV system Dulcodes

For a reliable and chemical-free disinfection of water. The systems are characterised by easy installation, low operating costs as well as low maintenance. A special feature is disinfected water without unpleasant taste.


Disinfection and combat against legionella – chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon®

Safe and clean into the future. An optimised process for the efficient generation, dosing, and measurement of chlorine dioxide.


Crystal-clear water – ozone system OZONFILT®

Highest operating safety and minimised operating costs at the same time: The different ozone generation systems are designed such that the optimal water quality is obtained independent of the initial situation.


The alternative to chemicals storing – electrolysis system CHLORINSITU®

Electrolysis produces sodium hypochlorite or chlorine gas from nonhazardous sodium chloride, which is then dosed into the swimming pool water for disinfection.


Modern drinking water production — Ultrafiltration Dulcoclean, reverse osmosis Dulcosmose®

Chemical-free and safe removal of turbidity, bacteria and viruses by powerful ultrafiltration systems.


Plug and play dosing system DULCODOS® eco

Pre-mounted, ready to connect and universal to use dosing systems. For dosing of chemical e.g. for pH value adjustment, pool water disinfection, cooling water treatment, or pipe protection.


Measuring and control station – DULCODOS® pool

Pre-mounted and ready to connect measuring and control stations take care of the pH value adjustment and the disinfection of swimming pool water. The DULCOMARIN® II controller controls and monitors up to 16 swimming pools.


Compact waste water treatment system

With the help of the compact and effi cient SBR or MBR systems, you can comply with all requirements concerning waste water. And what is more: the waste water can be reused almost completely. The system is available both as turn-key system inclusive of tank or for installation in tanks already available at site.



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