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Dosing of Chemicals

In order to simplify the dosage of chemicals, ProMinent offers complete solutions for chemical processing in industrial applications – from supply right up to the wastewater treatment process. The complete solutions are ready to use and can be implemented without heavy installation costs – it is plug & play in industry.

Partner for fluid dosing technology

Our broad product spectrum of metering pumps and unique measurement and control technology ensure individual solutions for dosage of chemicals, that are specifically matched to your requirements. Complex, high-spec. technology, as well as simple robust solutions, are used equally in dosage- depending on the customer’s needs. Decades of experience in dosing of chemicals, an individual advisory service and a complete product and performance spectrum distinguish us as the world market leader in fluid dosing technology.

  • Dosing solutions for all performance ranges and all chemicals.
  • Complete spectrum of metering pumps and dosing systems.
  • Perfectly adapted sensors and controllers
  • Extensive accessories with their own tanks and transfer pumps
  • Advice and solution from a single source

Optimum adaptation of all components

ProMinent solutions store, transfer and dose chemicals – from 0.1 l/h to 40,000 l/h at a pressure of 2 to 3,000 bar. Every industrial environment is covered, whether a simple closed loop or a complex field bus application. Dosing solutions from ProMinent are simple and efficient. Automated dosing systems improve process and product quality through reliable dosing of chemicals. This saves on chemicals and staff and improves environmental acceptability and lowers the costs of wastewater disposal.

Three criteria are important when planning a dosing system solution: the chemical to be dosed, the required precision and the control and regulation range.

  • Storage and Transfer: ProMinent storage and feed tanks have chemicals ready where they need to be used. Transfer pumps, specifically for this application, ensure smooth transportation.
  • Dose/Measure/Control: ProMinent offers dosing systems, which are exceptionally resistant to almost all types and concentrations of chemicals. Not only the metering pump but also its adjustment to the accessories used are deciding factors when it comes to dosing precision. Whether the metering pump is calibrated once and then dosed continuously, whether it is a simple dosing process based on measured values or the integration into a field bus system requirement, ProMinent, thanks to a broad product spectrum, offers the right metering pumps for all requirements, the optimum measurement and control technology as well as perfectly matched accessories.
  • Wastewater treatment pH value correction or a special detoxification process ensure that wastewater can be fed smoothly into the public wastewater network.
Process Overview Dosing of Chemicals

Process Overview Dosing of Chemicals

ProMinent solutions store, transfer and dose chemicals – from 0.1 l/h to 40,000 l/h at a pressure of 2 to 3,000 bar. Every industrial environment is covered, whether a simple closed loop or a complex field bus application. Dosing solutions from ProMinent are simple and efficient.

Product Overview Dosing of Chemicals - Storage and Transfer
Storage and Dosing Tanks

Fluid chemicals are dosed in a large range of areas and applications. Storage of these chemicals becomes more and more challenging. On the one hand, safety aspects according to legal regulations (in Germany, WHG: Federal Water Act) must be observed, while, on the other hand, a cost-effective storage of the chemicals is aimed for. For theses puposes we offer chemical storage tanks and drip pans from 35 liters up to 25 m³.


Chemical Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pumps are used wherever fluids have to be transferred from one repository into another one. As the media to be transferred have most varying properties, transfer pumps with varying functional principles will be used.

Product Overview Dosing of Chemicals - Metering, Measurement and Control

Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are used wherever fluids must be dosed into a medium with a highest possible grade of accuracy with a defined volume and within a defined time period. ProMinent has worked in the business of metering pumps for 50 years in a leading position. Offering the worldwide largest range of metering pumps, ProMinent comes up optimally to your special requirements.

Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

We describe the use of measuring and control technologies for fluid dosing as “intelligent dosing”. Using the right measuring and control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals.

Product Overview Dosing of Chemicals - Complete Dosing Systems

Dosing Systems

By the use of dosing systems the dosing task becomes increasingly easier. Pre-mounted complete solutions made by ProMinent are immediately available and ready for the use in important applications of dosage. Sensor technology, controllers and metering pumps form a unit with the necessary tanks and are ready for operation without installation work.

Product Overview Dosing of Chemicals - Accessories

Hydraulic accessories

Solutions for many different metering requirements are available, for example discharge and back pressure valves, pulsation dampeners, suction lances, and many more.

Electrical accessories

For each dosing task the adequate electrical accessories: "Flow Control" flow monitor, "Dos Control" flow controller or float switches etc.

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