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CIP - Cleaning In Place

Optimal hygiene is a prerequisite in the drinks industry to ensure sustainably high quality and a long shelf life for the end product, regardless of whether the plant is producing beer, lemonade, mineral water / table water, fruit juices, wine or sparkling wine. The law demands design-specific optimised cleaning for all surfaces that come into contact with foods and beverages. This makes CIP-cleaning (cleaning in place) essential, in order to avoid dismantling a multitude of individual components.

Three ProMaqua methods used in this process are hygienic, efficient and safe, ensuring Smart Disinfection for your operation!

Smart Disinfection processes with

  • Ozone: generators belonging to the OZONFILT® product range
  • Chlorine dioxide: Chlorine dioxide system belonging to the BelloZon® CDVc product range
  • ECA water: Electrolysis system from Dulco®Lyse product range

Benefits of Smart Disinfection with CIP

  • Low Impact - Extremely low waste water load
  • Less Cost - Energy saving as no need for hot water
  • High Efficiency - Optimised cleaning and disinfection
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