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Complete solutions for the beverage industry

The beverage industry is traditionally an area with particular high demands on hygiene and its related technologies. Impeccable hygiene is needed to maintain the high quality standards and shelf life of the end product, of whether it is beer, lemonade, mineral/drinking water, fruit juice or wine and sparkling wine.

ProMinent is one of the leading specialists in the areas of in-house water management, destruction of bacteria, disinfection and measurement, control and dosing of chemical fluids. As a competent partner in this industry, we find solutions for our customers that are suitable in practice for almost all applications in the areas of beverage production and filling.

Based on our extensive choice of products and many years of experience in the beverage industry, we offer systems and solutions from one source for exact and reproducible dosing systems as well as hygiene applications in the entire production and filling area.

Customers from the beverage industry know ProMinent as a reliable partner providing products with particularly long lifetimes with subsequent considerable savings on maintenance. As a result of putting our ideas into practice investment is usually amortized very quickly.
In the course of progressive data networking, communication with available equipment and production machines is a requirement for logical integration into existing processes. This is made possible by direct bus connections of our pumps and controllers to central control systems.

Besides the familiar stand-alone solutions, ProMinent offers complete solutions for many applications in the beverage industry, which include not only the usual installation and start up package, but also regular maintenance.


Process Overview Beverage Industry
Process optimisation through integrated solutions for beverage industry

For us, process optimisation isn't just a catchword, it’s part of our daily life: from the unpacker, through bottle washer, filler, CIP and syrup room, ProMinent technologies ensure the highest level of efficiency, quality, and operational and product safety.

Applications in the Beverage Industry
CIP - Cleaning In Place

Optimal hygiene is a prerequisite in the drinks industry to ensure sustainably high quality and a long shelf life for the end product, regardless of whether the plant is producing beer, lemonade, mineral water / table water, fruit juices, wine or sparkling wine. The law demands design-specific optimised cleaning for all surfaces that come into contact with foods and beverages. This makes CIP-cleaning (cleaning in place) essential, in order to avoid dismantling a multitude of individual components.


Filler Disinfection

A continuous disinfection of the filler with an efficient disinfection solution enables this sensitive part of the bottling process to be reliably sterilised. Continuous spraying with appropriate jet systems enables extremely exacting hygiene requirements to be met, meaning that even conventional filling machines can be used to bottle microbiologically sensitive beverages with this application.


Rinser hygiene

ProMaqua accompanies its beverage industry customers from the planning stage through to the commissioning of efficient solutions and systems. For this reason, rinser hygiene forms one of our core areas of focus.


Bottle Rinsing Machines

Bottle rinsing machines are continually being developed and improved by manufacturers, particularly with respect to cleaning quality and cost efficiency. By using tried and tested ProMinent designs, these machines can be optimized even more.


Dosing of Conveyor Lubricants

The bottle transportation system provides a vital link between the individual machines. Faults during bottle transportation can lead to the whole filling line coming to a standstill. The lubrication of conveyor chains is therefore extremely important.


Tank Farm of Chemicals

More and more companies in the food industry store their chemical supplies centrally. Various chemicals are stored in tanks in a separate room from the production area. This type of storage has many advantages

Product Overview Beverage Industry

Electrolysis system Dulco®Lyse for the production of ECA (electrochemically activated) water

Generally referred to as ECA water, hypochlorous acid is increasingly used in the food industry and drinks industry as a disinfectant. ProMaqua has developed an effective electrolysis process for the production of smart disinfectant ECA water: the electrolysis system Dulco®Lyse.


Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDKc

Capacity range: 170 to 7.500 g/h
This plant produces chlorine dioxide for large water quantities. The continuous water treatment is particularly economic thanks to the use of concentrated chemicals.


Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDVc

Capacity range: 20 to 2.000 g/h
The ideal system for medium to large water quantities. The continuous treatment is safe and simple thanks to the use of diluted chemicals.


OZONFILT® OZMa Ozone Plant

Capacity range 70 to 735 g/h
Range of universal compact ozone plants. Air or oxygen is used as the operating gas.


Dosing Systems

By the use of dosing systems the dosing task becomes increasingly easier. Pre-mounted complete solutions made by ProMinent are immediately available and ready for the use in important applications of dosage. Sensor technology, controllers and metering pumps form a unit with the necessary tanks and are ready for operation without installation work.


Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

We describe the use of measuring and control technologies for fluid dosing as “intelligent dosing”. Using the right measuring and control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals.


OZONFILT® OZVa Ozone Plant

Capacity range 5 to -90 g/h
Range of universal compact ozone plants. Air or oxygen is used as the operating gas.


Bono Zon® Ozone Plant

Capacity range 80 – 720 g/h (larger plants on request)
A range of compact ozone plants with integrated gas conditioning application. Bono Zon® plants work using positive suction pressure and are therefore particularly reliable.


Dulcodes UV Plants

With ProMinent Dulcodes UV Plants, reliable and chemical-free water treatment for disinfection purposes and degradation of unwanted components are possible. Easy installation, low maintenance and a variety of types, result in most economical projects for multiple applications.


Compact, Efficient Ultrafiltration system Dulcoclean® UF

Dulcoclean® UF systems are suitable for removing high turbidity peaks, particles and microbiological impurities (bacteria, viruses, parasites). Even with temporary or microbiological contamination after heavy precipitation the systems provide a constant filtrate quality – free of turbidity and pathogens.


Dulcosmose® Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural osmosis process. This process is used to desalinate aqueous solutions. Using suitable high-performance membranes it is possible today to remove more than 99% of all salts from an aquaeous solution.


Storage Tanks

Nominal capacity 500 litres to 50 m³
Standardized and customer-specific storage tanks and drip pans of polyethylene, on demand, with accessories e.g. filling devices, heatings for the storage medium, devices for optical and electronic level monitoring, air scrubbers etc.



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