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Hydraulic accessories

Solutions for many different metering requirements are available, for example discharge and back pressure valves, pulsation dampeners, suction lances, and many more.


A. Discharge valves and

B Back pressure valves
The use of discharge and back pressure valves guarantees accurate metering by creating a defined back pressure.

C Foot valves,
Suction lances and suction assemblies
The accessories make your system ready to operate. They protect the suction line and the valves from coarse contaminants and prevent the lines from running dry if the pump stops.

B Relief valve
The relief valve protects all system components against damage due to pressure overload.

E Pulsation dampener
The pulsation dampener allows metering pumps to operate smoothly even with long lines. The low pulsation flow causes only minor pressure loss and prevents interfering vibrations.


Electrical accessories

For each dosing task the adequate electrical accessories: "Flow Control" flow monitor, "Dos Control" flow controller or float switches etc.

A Flow monitor Flow Control
Flow Control monitors every single stroke of the metering pump and is your guarantee of safe metering.

B Flow controller Dos Control
Dos Control gives the operator universal control over basic metering pumps; the ability to adjust pumps to specific processes.

C Float switches, control and signal cables
These enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.


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