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Storage and Dosing Tanks

Fluid chemicals are dosed in a large range of areas and applications. Storage of these chemicals becomes more and more challenging. On the one hand, safety aspects according to legal regulations (in Germany, WHG: Federal Water Act) must be observed, while, on the other hand, a cost-effective storage of the chemicals is aimed for. For […]

Experts in Chem-Feed and Water Treatment
AG Hi-Tech Limited is a a diversified private company engaged mainly in the engineering and manufacturing field particularly environmental protection industry to take root in Bangladesh and to effectively reduce the cost of environmental control, the principal activities undertaken by Ministry of Environment and Forests consist of protection of environment , in the frame work of legislative directed by the United Nations Environment Programmed (UNEP), encourage to from the AG HI-Tech Limited in 2010 is for achieving high quality of line for the benefit of present and future generation sales and service operations, AG HI-Tech has been established with the aim of consolidating its inherent competitive advantage worldwide through the research and innovative development of a wide production program coupled with enhanced flexibility. thanks to proMinent’s experience in the fluid dosing area and through the research of materials and manufacturing, More Details………..
We at AG Hi-Tech Limited maintain a wide range of prominent products in ready stock for catering your needs immediately:
1.Chemical handling system (Dosing / Metering pump).
2.Boiler Feed & Cool Water Treatrment solution provider..
3.Swimming pool water Treatment solution provider..
4.Online measuring control & sensor technology.
5.Water Treatment Plant (Drinking & industril),Waste Water Treatment plant solution provider.
6.General supplier of Water, Waste Water Treatment related product & accessories.